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Meet Breeanna

About Sweet Kreations

Hello and welcome!

I’m Bree, the heart and soul behind Sweet Kreation. I am a young, vibrant soul with a wellspring of ambition and creativity, I’ve always been captivated by the serene beauty and comforting glow of candles. My journey into candle-making began in the cozy corners of my home, where I discovered the magic of transforming simple ingredients into flickers of joy and tranquility. Each candle I create is a piece of my dream, lovingly handcrafted to add warmth and beauty to your space. I believe in the power of a candle to turn a house into a home, to soften moments, and to create a sanctuary of peace in our busy lives.

Join me in this beautiful adventure, where every candle is not just a product, but a personal story of passion, a testament to the beauty of following your dreams, and a celebration of the vibrant spirit within us all.

Founded by Bree, a young and passionate candle enthusiast, Sweet Kreations is more than just wax and wicks – it’s a labor of love.

Empowering female entrepreneurship with a vision, Bree’s journey is a testament to the power of ambition and determination. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, she has turned aspirations into reality. Each product is a reflection of her dedication to quality, creativity, and the unwavering belief that the future is shaped by those who dare to dream. With a burning desire to illuminate spaces and kindle joy, Sweet Kreations journey began with one simple flame of inspiration. Each candle crafted is a testament to Bree’s commitment to quality, creativity, and the warmth that handmade brings.

Sweet Kreation is all about lighting up moments and creating a glow that transcends beyond wax – it’s a story, a mood, and a touch of crafted magic.

Meet Breeanna

Step into the Sweet Kreations candle studio and discover Bree's passion for crafting beautiful candles that add warmth to any space.

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Spark joy with our hand-crafted collections, featuring scents perfect for any room and occasion! Dive in on our product info page.

~ Fun Fact ~

Did you know scents can turbocharge your mood? They tickle nerve endings in your nose, sparking the limbic system—your brain’s hub for emotions, behaviors, and even libido. Need a mental boost? Try rosemary to sharpen your focus. Want to unwind? Lavender’s your go-to. Meeting someone new? A dash of citrus could make a stellar first impression. And for a sprinkle of spice in your love life, vanilla has been a secret seducer since the 1700s!

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