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At the heart of Sweet Kreations Collection is the belief that a great scent is more than just a fragrance; it’s an experience, a memory, and an expression of personal style. Whether it’s the soft glow and subtle perfume that enhances a relaxing bath, the vibrant burst of energy that accompanies your morning routine, or the comforting ambiance that envelops a family dinner, our candles are there to elevate every moment. Crafted with care and designed to delight, our candles promise not just to light up your space but to enrich it with an aura of luxury, warmth, and inspiration. Welcome to our world of scents, where each candle is a journey waiting to be embarked upon.

Explore the delightful offerings of Sweet Kreation collections

"Absolutely in love with these candles! The scents are rich and linger long after you blow out the flame. A must-have for any home!"


"I was genuinely impressed by the burn time and how evenly these candles burn. No tunneling, and the scent payoff is incredible. Highly recommend!"


"I got a variety of sprays and diffusers as gifts from Bree's shop, and everyone loved them! It's great to support a local business that delivers such high-quality products."


"Just received my order of melts and a diffuser from Bree, and I am in love. The scents are beautiful. Support this small business, you won't regret it!"


"I'm obsessed with the diffusers from Bree's shop! They last forever and the fragrances are absolutely divine. Great product from a charming small business."


"I've tried candles from many places, but Bree's are by far the best! Long-lasting, clean burn, and the scents are perfectly balanced—not too strong or too subtle."


Infuse your space with a gentle glow and captivating scents

Meet The Creator

Step into the Sweet Kreations candle studio and discover Bree's passion for crafting beautiful candles that add warmth to any space.

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Spark joy with our hand-crafted collections, featuring scents perfect for any room and occasion! Dive in on our product info page.

~ Fun Fact ~


A rose, a fresh cup of coffee, a wood fire. These are only three of the roughly 1 trillion scents that the human nose and brain are capable of distinguishing from each other!

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